Simple remedy tips for sinus infection

Sinusitis is a condition where the hollow pockets in the facial bones are filled with mucus. This condition may cause congestion, head-ache, pain and discomfort in the face and eye-sockets. This condition will be there, and arises whenever the individual is exposed to certain trigger points like dust, dehydration, hunger, heat being some common triggers, causing discomfort in our daily routines.
Simple remedy tips for sinus infection

Let’s see 5 basic, simple tips to keep this condition away from us.

If you get this condition frequently, when you are at home. Try to keep your home dust-free. Use clean blankets and pillows, as they have intimate contact to your nostrils.

Follow a healthy diet. Have more fruits and juices. Drink good amount of water. Do not strain your eyes much. Practice a good, healthy sleeping cycle.

Try to live in an optimum temperature everywhere you go. Take a note of what your Air condition levels in your bedroom, and try to have the same in your gym, office, cabs… Avoid staying longer into different temperature zones.

Inhaling steam could provide a temporary remedy and may lessen the impact of the condition. While boiling water for steam, you may add some eucalyptus oil. Some add-ons from your kitchen could be mustard and garlic.

Having hot spicy soups are proved to give relief to the condition. Take a full breath with every tasty slurp. This helps you to sweat a lot and thereby remove congestions.

These are ways to lessen the impact of the condition. However not a replacement for medical advice. Timely consultation with your physician will help you better.