How to maintain your helmet

Helmets, after severe law enforcements, are accepted as the vital gear for motorcycle riding. However when put to regular usage, it is necessary to maintain in good condition to help your helmet help you better. Let us see some simple maintenance tips to maintain your helmet.

Choose a proper visor

It is your vision on the road that is more important than the sturdiness of your helmet, which comes secondary. While choosing a your visor, you have option like clear, brown, half-black, dark. The darker it is, the better and frequent you have to maintain. It is cool to wear a helmet with a color-coated trendy visor on a sunny day. But, the same may block your block in the night when coming back. So, choose it according your usage, and change them regularly.

Visors – Keep’em clean and clear

Visors are the non-rigid, acrylic, clear part of a helmet that helps your vision on the road. It tends to get scratches and may disturb your vision, esp: in the night producing more glare and literally making your bike riding a tough challenge. Use proper glass cleaning solutions and non-irritant cloth to wipe off dirt from your visor. This may give a longer life to visor. Check it every 3 months for your vision through the visors. If the scratches are more, you are putting your life at risk.

Go for a better accessory

Helmet is a life saving gear. Take some serious thought to it, and make a good decision, even if you think that as an investment. The law has brought so many street vendors selling cheap helmets for Rs. 250-450. It may suffice to the law that being enforced on you, but when it meets a real incident – the end may be the real end. So it is important that every time you hit the road, you wear a helmet with confidence and sensibility.

Check the Helmet’s inner frequently

The inner soft lining in the helmet may tend to get damp or moist at some time which may lead to fungal development if left unattended. It may develop some gross smell and even affect your hair with fungal infections that may result in dandruff and hair loss. In few helmet models, you can remove the cloth and wash. If your helmet is not such one, just take a heater/ blower and operate it in mild heat over the cloth part of the helmet. Do this whenever you had an excessive sweaty ride or left your helmet out in pouring rain.

These are very simple, doable things about our helmet. Check them regularly and happy riding!